Things To Do Around Montego Bay

Things To Do Around Montego Bay If you are planning on staying in Montego Bay during your trip to Jamaica, but feel like leaving the beach area or getting out of the city for a while there are some really interesting places to visit just outside of Montego Bay. You can either rent a car, […]

Top Resort Towns In Jamaica

Visit the Top 3 Resort Destinations in Jamaica For most people that arrive in Jamaica, their first destination is usually always the beach. Once there, surrounded by the beauty of the coastline and crystal clear blue Caribbean Sea, it’s very easy to slip into the laid back Jamaican relaxation mood and forget about anything else. […]

Glistening Waters Luminous Lagoon In Jamaica

Glistening Waters Luminous Lagoon in Falmouth You’ve heard that saying of you’ve got to see it to believe it, right? Well, just East of Montego Bay, near Falmouth, Jamaica is a little bay with an unbelievable phenomenon that you simply need to see with your own eyes. Come out to Glistening Waters for a tour after […]

World Famous Rick’s Cafe In Jamaica

Rick’s Cafe in Beautiful Negril, Jamaica No trip to Jamaica can be considered complete until you take an afternoon to catch a sunset at the World Famous Rick’s Cafe. Located down the far West End of Negril, perched along the cliffs, you’ll find Rick’s Cafe. People from all over the world come to see and […]

Why Are Scuba Diving Fins So Important

Why Are Scuba Diving Fins So Important? You may think the most important piece of a scuba divers equipment would be the oxygen tank, but for a diver, the scuba diving fins are very important also. First of all, the fins allow you to move around in the water without much effort, they allow you […]

Jamaica Scuba Diving Trips

Jamaica Scuba Diving Trips Are you ready to get hooked on scuba diving? Well, brace yourself because the moment you dive below the water’s surface and into the serene silence of the underwater world, you’ll finally appreciate what Jacques Cousteau experienced about all those years as you swim amongst graceful manta rays or come confronting […]

Diving In Jamaica

Diving in Jamaica Diving into the waters off the Jamaican shore may sound very exotic, and can be a lot of fun for both the beginner and the seasoned scuba diver. For anyone who wants to be a little more adventurous than snorkeling there’s a world to explore beneath the ocean, but if you don’t […]

Discover Scuba Diving In Jamaica

Discover Scuba Diving in Jamaica Everyone would love a chance to try out something new and exciting every once in a while. People who are cooped up in offices all day would surely grab every opportunity to get away from the rat race and unwind. So if you’re planning for a grand getaway, why not […]

Finding The Best Scuba Diving Destinations

So Many Scuba Diving Destinations To Choose From Since our planet has so much more water than land on its surface, it goes without saying that there an endless supply of scuba diving destinations for people who vacation and enjoy this sport. Many favorite tourist destinations offer scuba diving, so the activity becomes part of […]

Scuba Diving Classes For Beginners

Scuba Diving Classes For Beginners Scuba diving is a great water activity but it is a complex and technical sport as well. You really can’t learn everything about scuba diving by merely attending a quick class. Scuba diving has inherent risks and dangers, which is why it requires certain specialized classes, training and certification before […]