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Spectacular Coral Formations in Jamaica

Spectacular Coral Formations in Jamaica

Finding the Best Scuba Diving Lessons

When searching for the best scuba diving lessons, individuals may turn to PADI, which is the Professional Association of Diving Instructors. PADI scuba diving lessons can be found online so that the basics of diving can be learned from the convenience of home, and the water part of the scuba diving instruction can usually be done at the local pool under a PADI certified instructor. There are many different types of scuba diving lessons that are tailored to the needs of the individual. Some may only need a basic scuba diving lesson so that they can scuba dive when they are on vacation. Others may want to take a more advanced course so that they are trained to teach others to scuba dive. Still others may want to take a course to learn rescue scuba diving so that they can do in water rescues, either in rivers and lakes, or in the open ocean.

Learning the Skills

In order to get the basic skills down to be able to scuba dive on a vacation or around the home area, an individual will usually take about three days to six weeks to complete the scuba diving lessons. The length of time depends on the individual since, to complete the course, the individual has to prove that he or she has mastered the basic scuba diving skills and the knowledge of the equipment and safety issues that are involved with the sport. Scuba diving lessons can be taken by a child as young as ten, although the child has to have a parent that is a certified diver to dive with him. A child under the age of fifteen can only obtain a junior scuba certification from taking a scuba diving course, which means they have to dive with a certified adult. After fifteen they can obtain their regular PADI Open Water Diver certification.

For individuals who are interested in taking scuba diving lessons but are not sure how they might react under the water, there are some demonstration scuba diving experiences that allow individuals to make a shallow dive in a pool with a certified instructor to see if scuba diving is for them. Once the individual is certified to scuba dive, then they can start to look for resorts and vacation places where they can scuba dive and explore. If the individual does not want to buy his own equipment, there are scuba diving shops that will rent equipment to the scuba diver so that he does not have to haul the equipment with him.

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