Instagram Photo Contest Results

Thanks to everyone who participated in the 12-Day Scuba Dive Jamaica Photo Challenge.

There were a total of 26 photos submitted by a total of 5 participates! It was great to see so many of your Jamaican travel photos. I would have liked to see more people involved with the contest, but nonetheless, I thoroughly enjoyed viewing all of the photos everybody entered.

I will say, some of you have some other EXCELLENT pictures on your Instagram feeds that you should have entered into the contest as well! Thanks again everyone for participating!

Many of you didn’t follow the contest rules exactly, yet you still had some great photos!

Ultimately, it was hard to select a winner. I decided to choose 1 of each of your pics as a winner.

EACH of you will receive something from Scuba Dive Jamaica for participating in the contest!

>>> But the GRAND PRIZE goes to @celiaelaina! <<<

ATTENTION – To claim your prize, please send an e-mail to


Here are all the submitted entries that were received!

@celiaelaina – 2 photos

celiaelaina-winner celiaelaina-1

@slim_shadyone – 3 photos

slim_shadyone-winner slim_shadyone-1 slim_shadyone-3

@shorty937 – 5 photos

shorty937-winner shorty937-4 shorty937-5 shorty937-2 shorty937-3

@orthogirl_92 – 6 photos

orthogirl_92-winner orthogirl_92-6 orthogirl_92-5 orthogirl_92-3 orthogirl_92-4 orthogirl_92-1

@munek49 – 10 photos

munek49-winner munek49-8 munek49-9 munek49-10 munek49-7 munek49-3 munek49-1 munek49-2 munek49-5 munek49-4