Finding The Best Scuba Diving Destinations


So Many Scuba Diving Destinations To Choose From

Since our planet has so much more water than land on its surface, it goes without saying that there an endless supply of scuba diving destinations for people who vacation and enjoy this sport. Many favorite tourist destinations offer scuba diving, so the activity becomes part of the total holiday experiences. More people enjoy scuba diving on a casual or occasional basis, though it would be wonderful if more people took the activity more seriously. Scuba diving is not just a fun way of staying fit, but provides underwater sights and life experiences which are simply unique. If given the chance to experience it, I think more people would choose to have a hobby such as scuba diving that lets them explore underwater.

Some enthusiasts like to specialize in certain types of scuba diving destinations, while others look forward to a broad array of underwater experiences. Enjoying aquatic plants and animals is the most common reason for scuba diving, and nothing can beat the colorful and vibrant experience of spending quality time on and near coral reefs. Diving for treasure is something that most people leave for their imaginations only, but diving in caves and amidst sunken ruins is an experience which the romantic savor most. However, this kind of scuba diving needs special training, as there is much more risk involved. This is a certain type of technical level of scuba. Those heading towards Search and Rescue level scuba certification would have to undergo some of this type of training.

Some Scuba Diving Destinations Not To Miss

It is nearly impossible to list all the top scuba diving destinations in the world in a way which all those who participate in this sport would agree on. It is clearly an individual selection and choice as to what type of diving is best for you. However, there are some spots believed to be almost universal favorites worldwide. For example, Australia has more than its fair share of scuba dive sites, but this may be due to the sportive habits of its citizens along with the adventurous land in which they live! Even those who have never ventured under water have almost certainly heard of the Great Barrier Reef, but nothing can match the splendor of seeing it up close. Fortunately, all the oceans and continents have endless scuba diving possibilities, so even Australians look forward to globe trotting for new diving adventures!

Some enthusiasts argue that the best scuba diving destinations still await discovery. The vast majority of people dive mainly during vacations, so tourist spots in the developed world dominate the scene when it comes to dive sites and locations where the recreation sport of diving is enjoyed. However, there are many third world countries that have significant shoreline that is unspoiled and as a result, tourist areas have sprung up in the strangest of places to satisfy the desire of divers to seek out new scuba dive sites to explore.

Who knows how many diving sites remain to be discovered…