Jamaica Scuba Diving Trips

Jamaica Scuba Diving Trips Are you ready to get hooked on scuba diving? Well, brace yourself because the moment you dive below the water’s surface and into the serene silence of the underwater world, you’ll finally appreciate what Jacques Cousteau experienced about all those years as you swim amongst graceful manta rays or come confronting […]

Diving In Jamaica

Diving in Jamaica Diving into the waters off the Jamaican shore may sound very exotic, and can be a lot of fun for both the beginner and the seasoned scuba diver. For anyone who wants to be a little more adventurous than snorkeling there’s a world to explore beneath the ocean, but if you don’t […]

Specialized Scuba Diver Training

Specialized Scuba Diver Training A lot of people ask how safe scuba diving is, the answer to the question is simply another question, “how trained and responsible is the scuba diver?” Scuba diving is a thrilling and enjoyable sport; however, like any other sport, it is also a sport with inherent risks. What make it […]

Scuba Diving Information for Adventure Dives

Scuba Diving Information for Adventure Dives Scuba diving remains a popular sport that is also multifaceted. This should come as a surprise to no one as when a sport becomes popular, there will be a number of variants and alterations (so to speak) that are incorporated into the traditional model. In other words, a basic […]